25 Things About Me

I used to post a new 25 facts every couple of years on my old blog and I thought that would be a good place to start this one.  While this blog will not just be a continuation of the old one, it’s still a good way to get to know me.

  1. I was born in 1981, but considering my taste in music, you might think it was 1971.
  2. My hair color/length changes with my moods, currently it’s dark brown and I’m in the process of growing it out.
  3. I have a 16 year old Jack Russell terrier, you’ll likely be seeing many pictures of him throughout my posts. His name is Bugsy.
  4. I love taking photographs, I’m still learning a lot, but I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it.
  5. I wouldn’t consider myself outdoorsy in an athletic sense, but I do like being outside and relaxing in nature type environments.
  6. I’m not super well traveled, but I have been to the following states (and by “been to” I mean I have stayed at least 2 nights in said state, not just stopped on my way to another destination), as of this date, I have never left the United States.
    • Nevada
    • Hawaii
    • Wisconsin
    • Missouri
    • Texas
    • Louisiana
    • Utah
  7. I’ve never lived more than 35 miles from the beach.
  8. Red wine gives me really bad headaches, luckily I’ve learned to enjoy whites and sparkling wines (#roseallday).
  9. I prefer iOS to Android.
  10. I can (and prefer to) drive a standard transmission vehicle.
  11. I watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory almost every night.
  12. The Harry Potter series and The Dark Tower are my favorite books.
  13. I like pineapple on my pizza, which is apparently a controversial opinion.
  14. I try to always keep my toenails painted, they look weird to me if they are naked.
  15. Alligators/crocodiles are fascinating to me.  When I traveled to New Orleans I made sure to take a swamp tour so that I could see them in the wild.
  16. Spring/late Fall are my favorite seasons.
  17. My Bacon Number is 3, I met David Arquette in New Orleans, he was in the Scream movies with Neve Campbell, and she was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon.
  18. I would rather spend a weekend in a hotel than camping.
  19. I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was in the 6th grade.
  20. I’m not bilingual, but I sometimes dream in Spanish (perhaps it’s from a past life???).
  21. I like to drink a cup of  black coffee in the morning, but if I want a hot beverage in the afternoon, I’d rather have tea or hot chocolate.
  22. My senior year in high school I auditioned to be part of a summer dance program that performed at Disneyland, I made the cut and it was a crazy fun experience.
  23. I’m not sure if this is something I should be proud of, but cheese is one of my favorite foods and I probably eat at least a little bit of it every single day.
  24. I’m definitely a dog person more than a cat person… cats are cool, but dogs are life.
  25. I’m incredibly stubborn when I really want something.

Bonus Facts:

  • I will choose silver/white gold over yellow gold every time.
  • I live on the same piece of property that my grandmother grew up on (A LOT has changed over the years)
  • I can’t go to sleep at night unless I’ve brushed my teeth, I have nightmares about my teeth falling out if I don’t.

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