In a world that’s gone mad, I feel like it always helps to look for the silver linings, find the light in the darkness, and create joy in the every day.  I know it sounds cliched and privileged, maybe even a little naive, but I have a lot to be grateful for.

I had a gratitude journal on the old version of this blog, and after a time it started to feel like homework, it became a tedious chore instead of a reflection of the positive things going on in my life.  I hope that doesn’t happen again, but if it does, I’ll take a break and just update as things happen.

I will try to make this as real as possible, it won’t be one of those newsletters that is only loosely based on actual events.  I want it to be more than just another hipster-white-girl-privilege lifestyle blog (although I do have a great straw hat that I like to wear when out wine tasting), but mostly I want it to be a reminder that even when bad things are happening all around us, there is hope, there is good, and that sometimes life and people surprise you.

This year I’ve officially entered my late thirties (yikes!) and I feel like I’ve had a pretty good run so far.  I was able to attend college right out of high school and it was at a time where my parents could afford to pay for my tuition before fees soared out of reach for many other young adults.  I have a job that offers benefits and pays an actual living wage, one that I can afford to even take a vacation once a year that goes beyond laying out in the backyard with a pitcher of margaritas (there’s nothing wrong with staycations, but if you get an opportunity to spread your wings outside of your own community I definitely recommend it). I have a wonderful boyfriend who is always there for me, he makes me laugh, he holds me when I need to cry, and makes my world a better place because he’s in it. We have a silly little dog who makes our house feel like a home, and we live in a small community in the Central Coast of California’s wine country.  I feel lucky more days than not… yes there are times that I dabble in the melodramatic, but it doesn’t normally take long for me to return to my regular self.

The post for August should be up by the end of the month, at the latest in early September, so stay tuned.